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High Speed Portable Table Top Electric Dental Unit




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Ultima Dental and Bien-Air® have developed the first

electric driven dental machine specifically dedicated to small

animal and equine dentistry. This breakthrough product provides

the profession with a dedicated Ultima platform in conjunction

with Bien-Air® Swiss electric handpiece technology. The compact

system’s electric handpiece delivers consistent torque differing

significantly from air driven dental systems that can lose more than

50% of its speed when in contact with the surface to be cut.  5 year

warranty, 1 year on handpieces.


Ultima Dental Electric E-Series features:

• Consistent handpiece torque

• No brushing techniques when contacting dental surface as the

handpiece maintains speed regardless of pressure

• Rapid wrist motion is eliminated relating to hand, wrist and arm


• Complete system – new oil free mini-compressor used to cool

handpiece and pressurize the water system

• No plumbing required

• Speed control to dial in your preferred speed

• Precision - dental cuts will be more precise as the cutting

bur does not need to leave the cutting surface

• No Handpiece Vibration

• Precise Speed - using either the power dial or the variable

speed foot control

• Minimal Maintenance - only need to oil and maintain the


• Small Footprint 26” x 17” x 16”

• Weighs 30 lbs.



• 1 - 40,000 RPM electric handpiece

• 1 - 1:1 straight nose cone for speeds of 100 to 40,000 RPMs

• 1 - 5:1 contra angle for speeds of 10,000 to 200,000 RPMs

• 1 Satelec® LED Piezo Scaler

• 1 - 3 way water, air and mist syringe

• 2 - 1 liter water bottles