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Clot-It Vet Hemostatic Gauze




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Sterile impregnated hemostatic gauze designed for application to wound sites for surgical and dental procedures and minor-to-severe animal wounds.  Consists of hydrophilic molecules that enhance natural hemostasis by ionically attracting blood particles such as platelets, red blood cells, and blood proteins.  

All-natural mineral coated hydrophilic particles rapidly absorb plasma at the wound site initiating clotting and stops bleeding.  Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, biocompatible and contains no human or animal components.  Once hemostasis is achieved, excess should be removed.  Any unused segments are rendered non-sterile and may be reused for situations where sterility is not required. 

Box of 12 Sterile 4”x3” multi-segmented sheet pouches.  Each sheet  contains 1 1”x4”, 1 2”x2” and 4 1”x1” perforated segments.