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New all natural technology in daily dental hygiene for preventative care.  Dental disease is the most common medical issue in small animal medicine. Plaque Re-Lease®Easy Pinch Tablets are clinically shown to be as effective as the leading dental chews and treats in 14 days; reducing plaque, calculus (tartar) and bad breath.

Unlike bones, chews, pastes and other dental devices, the tablets do not rely on abrasives for cleaning through chewing, reducing the risk of damage to teeth and gums, as well as digestive blockages associated with bones and chews.

All natural clinically proven cranberry extract works directly on the dental surface after dissolving and reduces attachment of plaque forming bacteria. Micro adhesion technology and pinch delivery system ensures the exact dose is delivered within seconds.

Pet owners are becoming more aware of the negative impact from leading dental chews and treats in the form of added calories, making weight management problematic. Plaque Re-Lease®Easy Pinch Tablets, with their small dose form, have a negligible impact on daily caloric intake, nor do they present potential life threatening obstructions. Suitable for puppies, kittens and adult and senior dogs and cats.

Pinch (1) tablet daily and sprinkle on top of food before serving to pet; do not mix into food.  

For optimal benefit, maintain scheduled veterinary dental and wellness exams and follow guidance for dental hygiene. 

• All Natural Cranberry Extract

• Reduce Plaque & Tartar Buildup

• Cleans Teeth

• Freshens Breath

• Non-Abrasive, Safe on Teeth & Gums

• Works Below the Gum Line

• No digestive blockage


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