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GingiShield™ Antibacterial Enamel Sealant Starter Kit




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Based on the FDA-approved DenteShield™ sealant for human use,  GingiShield™ is the only dental sealant with SELDOX® antibacterial technology  that is available for veterinary use. GingiShield is a clear   enamel sealant that protects teeth by killing bacteria and inhibiting  plaque formation which causes bad breath and periodontal disease, the cause of bone and tooth loss, and heart, kidney, and liver disease in dogs and cats.  The clear sealant is a light cured resin  that is applied by veterinary professionals following dental cleanings and lasts until the next annual cleaning or longer.  Available in 20 patient application starter and refill kits. 


Starter Kit includes  everything required to begin treatment:

  •       High Speed Cordless LED Curing Light
  •       Programmable Digital Timer for etching
  •       2 x 1.5ml Sealant Syringes
  •       2 x 1.2ml Etchant Syringes (37% phosphoric acid)
  •       Disposable Syringe Tips and Applicator Brushes
  •       100g Fluoride-free Prophy Paste
  •       Instructions For Use
  •       10 Tri-Fold Client Brochures