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A revolutionary way to stop bleeding fast and keep it stopped.  Single-dose triple-action application process results in complete clotting in seconds and stops bleeding completely within 45 seconds, 5 times faster than any other product on the market.  Colorless, non-staining blood clotting powder made up of a multi-action compound of all-natural minerals rapidly stops bleeding in minor to severe external wounds.

Upon contact with blood, it facilitates and accelerates the body's natural coagulation cascade, while simultaneously slowing blood flow, by constricting local vessels and capillaries. Fine granules create an iconic attraction between blood cells resulting in flocculation (clumping together) of these cells, and also rapidly absorb plasma at the wound site, leaving behind platelets and blood cells to aid in forming a solid clot. The most comprehensive, effective, and versatile platform of hemostatic products to be used in the veterinary clinic.  Available in non-sterile and sterile single-dose applications.


Intended for use in minor to severe external wounds, including:

  •        Skin tears, lacerations, grazes, cuts, sores and other skin integrity issues
  •        Injections, intravenous treatments, blood draws
  •        Dental procedures
  •        Tail docking and nail trimming
  •        Cutaneous ulcers
  •        Femoral arteries
  •        Hematomas
  •        Bleeding tumors
  •        Soft palate surgery

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