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VDT Essential Extraction Pack 3" Handles

VDT Extract Pack 3"



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Cislak instruments as recommended by Jennifer Hertzoff.  Luxators and elevators with 3" handles.  For 4" handles see VDT Extract Pack 4".  Contains:

1.8SRoot Elevator 1.8mm Straight Tip
EX9XLPeriosteal Periosteotome Elevator Small Tips
EX9MXLPeriosteal Periosteotome Elevator Large Tips
EX205XS/503Winged Elevator Set of 6 ( 1-6mm)
LT1Luxator Straight Feline 1mm on 110 handle
LTXS2S/503Luxator Straight 2mm
LTXS3S/503Luxator Straight 3mm
LTXS375S/503Luxator Straight 3.75mm w/short shank & handle
LTXS4.5S/503Luxator Straight 4.5mm
Z1216Small Breed Forceps #150SK Premium
Z4017Goldman Fox Scissors 5 1/4" Premium
Z4144Adson Tissue Plier Serrated Premium
Z4699Micro Olsen Heager TC Premium
Z6481Root Forcep Premium
Z9510Lip Retractor
ZC008Large Vertical Surgery Cassette