Protemp 4 A2 refill cartridge 67gm w/15 tips View larger





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Temporary resin is a radiopaque, light-cured, flowable, methacrylate-based resin that provides a durable, temporary material for multiple clinical indications for:  

       Temporary restorations (endodontics, walking bleach technique, inlay/onlay, cusp buildup).

       Splinting between multiple implant copings for impressions to resist impression material distortion.

       Provide structure for isolation clamping and to act as a barrier to endodontic irrigants.

       Bite ramps and temporary occlusal buildups during orthodontics. Self-leveling, less than a 5% shrinkage rate and         dye free purple   color can be easily differentiated from enamel and dentin

 4x1.2ml syringes w/20 black mini tips.