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Canine Exodontic Kit




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Includes pack of 10 #15C scalpel blades. K4209 #5 Premium Round Scalpel Handle. EX7XL Periosteal Elevator. EX9MXL Periosteal Periosteotome Elevator. EXXS4/503 Medium Surgical Luxator. LTXS2S/503 2mm Wide Blade Straight Luxator . LTXS2C/503 2mm Wide Blade Curved Luxator. LTXS3S/503 3mm Wide Blade Straight Luxator . LT3XSC/503 3mm Wide Blade Curved Luxator. LTXS5S/503 5mm Wide Blade Straight Luxator. LTXS5C/503 5mm Wide Blade Curved Luxator. Winged elevators EXWXS1,2,3,4 and 6 in 503 handles. RT1 Canine Straight Root Tip Elevator. EX27 forcep and K2162 Root Forcep German #300.