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Kitty-Cure™ performs a 'self manicure' dulling your cats nails each time it uses the litterbox. Safely files down the tips of the claws while your cat instinctively digs and covers. Eliminates or greatly reduces trimming and spares your cat from discomfort and consequences of declawing. Makes owning a cat much easier with less stress for you and your pet. The space-age technology material is odorless. washable and lasts for months. Comes with an adhesive backing for lining the inside of the litter box or may be placed on furniture and anywhere your cat scratches. Plus. any animal that uses a litter box can benefit including ferrets. rabbits. hamsters. mice and rats. Kitty-Cure ™ saves time. money and agony. It's the BEST thing you can do for your pet. Contains 1 11" x15" bottom pan sheet and 2 3"x15" and 2 3"x16 1/2" side pan sheets. May cut to fit.